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Emily Jeanette Garcia
& Her Unborn Son Emilio


Please Help Us Find Their Killer!

This memorial web site was created to remember my niece Emily Jeanette Garcia and her unborn son Emilio. Emily was born in Fort Hood, Texas on July 27, 1977 and was taken from us on February 25, 1993 at the age of 15.
Emily was taken from us by the hands of a monster who abducted her on February 12, 1993, in San Antonio, Texas and held her and brutally raped and tortured her until February 25, 1993 when he finally murdered her. Emily was only 15 years old at the time of her murder and carrying her first child, a little boy which she intended to name Emilio.
Emily's killer has never been caught and her mother(my sister Sheila Smith-Ramirez) and I work daily to try to find justice for Emily and her baby Emilio.
Emily is survived by her mother Sheila Smith-Ramirez of Texas, her father Roy Garcia of Texas, her older sister Elizabeth Garcia and husband Zeke of Texas, her nephew Jake Garcia of Texas, her grandmother Peggy Smith of Missouri, her aunt Theresa Yeary-Dontrich and family of Missouri, her uncle Ralph Smith Jr. and family of Texas, her aunt Lori Farley and family of Missouri, and many more family members and friends.
Emily is laid to rest in the Garcia plots at the Rambey Grove Cemetery in Somerset, Texas. Emily's grandfather Ralph Smith Sr. of Missouri also passed away in 1998.
Emily is missed and loved by all and will live forever in our memories and in our hearts.
We will not stop until we find justice for Emily and her son Emilio.
If you should have any information, no matter how small, about Emily Garcia, about the 13 days that she was missing before her murder, or about her death, please contact:
Comal County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigations Dept.
Det. Sgt. Tommy Ward
Phone # 830-620-3400
Texas Rangers Unsolved Crimes Team
Sgt. Trampas Gooding
Phone # 830-303-4189
% Trampas Gooding
Emily's Family
Sheila Smith-Ramrez--Emily's Mother
Theresa Yeary-Dontrich--Emily's Aunt
Elizabeth Garcia-Emily's Sister
Jake Garcia-Emily's Nephew
Also to read more on Emily Garcia and her life and murder, you may go to her main web site at:

Please Help Us Find Who Murdered Emily And Her Unborn Son Emilio!!
It has been over 16 years now since Emily's murder and we need answers. Please help us if you can.
Remember this killer is still on our streets, because one of your family members could be the next victim.
Thank You and God Bless
Emily Garcia's Family

Tributes and Condolences
Happy 4th of July   / Theresa Dontrich (Aunt)
Hi, I'm Emily Garcia's aunt and I would like to wish all of the families of Angels and safe and fun 4th Of July. I know it's hard, but they are with us always, even today Theresa
May GOD bless her and her family   / Lisa Ellow
I pray in the name of JESUS that this child is a rest with our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST. And GOD bless her family and friends.JESUS please cover her and everyone with your bliss in JESUS name Amen❤
SORRY FOR YALLS LOSS   / Jessica N. Joe Carranza (No relation paying r respects )
I didnt know yalls angel but I read yalls guys story and im so srry bout yalls loss of emily n emilio ima loss of words how they can not find who has done this to them it brakes my heart there case has gone unsolved espclly aftr so many years this ha...  Continue >>
My condolences   / Anna (None)
I saw your case on the show Paranormal State. I then googled your loved one's case. We were both born in the same year. My condolences to your family at the loss of all that could have been for Emily and her baby. God bless you!
Praying for Emily and Emilio, rest in peace angels   / Mattie Jones ((none))
Even now I pray for you and your family in the search for whoever did this to your precious girl and her baby boy. Emily would've been a wonderful mother but rest assured that she and little Emilio are safe and happy in God's loving embrace.
To Emily and her son Emilio and family  / Sandra Galbraith     Read >>
I am praying for justice for Emily and your family  / Brandon Hurst (None)    Read >>
So moved by your story  / Carol P. (Concerned parent/citizen )    Read >>
RIP emily and emilio  / Ashley Brosowsky (friend)    Read >>
peace / Victoria S. (none)    Read >>
I hope you all are okay.  / Sabrina Wilson (none)    Read >>
praying 4 u  / Saria Mack (friend)    Read >>
Please believe me  / Nikki Gouthiere (none)    Read >>
15 years on  / Nicole Marengo (No Relation )    Read >>
You are invited!  / Elizabeth Garcia (Sister)    Read >>
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Emily Garcia 5 days old
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